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Immersive Calm

Discover serenity with immersive meditation for Apple Vision Pro. Unwind with stunning 360-degree visuals, enhancing your peace like never before.

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Source Code Features

SwiftUI Source Code

This source code, crafted using SwiftUI, requires Xcode 15.3+ and supports visionOS 1.0 and higher. It's exclusively compatible with Apple Vision Pro.

In-App Purchases

The app provides a one-time in-app purchase feature. Users have the option to unlock all immersive spaces and audio meditations through in-app purchases.

JSON + GitHub

The source code features 15 meditations and spaces, fetching sounds from GitHub, names from local JSON, and storing images in the Xcode project.

Meditation Progress

The app logs the duration each user spends listening to meditation audio in SwiftData, using this data to generate the last 7 days' meditation progress.

Video demo

Immersive Calm for Vision Pro