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NFT Explorer

Discover the Future of Digital Art with our Apple Vision Pro Source Code. Elevate NFT exploration into an immersive experience with intuitive technology.

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Source Code Features

SwiftUI Source Code

This source code, crafted using SwiftUI, requires Xcode 15.3+ and supports visionOS 1.0+ and higher. It's exclusively compatible with Apple Vision Pro.

In-App Purchases

The app provides a one-time in-app purchase feature. Users have the option to unlock all NFT categories through this non-consumable in-app purchase.

OpenSea API

The source code fetches all NFT data from OpenSea. Some NFTs display additional details in the app, while others open in Safari for more information.

Smart Search

Add your favorite NFTs to a list for later viewing. Favorite NFT data is stored in UserDefaults and the Documents folder.

Video demo

Explore NFTs on visionOS